EverDesk Standard Edition Download

EverDesk Standard Edition DownloadEverDesk Standard Edition is a comprehensive yet intuitive application designed to be a replacement for Outlook and to provide an efficient method to check and manage all of your email with ease, as well as add and handle a wide range of contacts, links, programs and documents.

EverDesk Standard Edition Review Software - Compared with the edition of Google that doesn't automatically sync contacts and calendar entries from your Google account. In order for the program to work smoothly, Internet Explorer must be present on the computer, but not mandatory. A configuration wizard will be displayed when you start the tool to first and that guides you through the steps necessary to properly set up Gmail, Windows Live!, Yahoo or AOL Mail account. You can add as many accounts as you want.

EverDesk Standard Edition Download

EverDesk Standard Edition Download
EverDesk Standard Edition

EverDesk Standard Edition is wrapped in the relevant interface and already well organized and user-friendly is divided into three different sections, namely Folders, calendar and contacts on the bottom of the window and five individual tab (General, Links, contacts, programs, documents) at the top. After the account is configured, your Inbox is updated to match the current and from where you can easily check for new messages, see the people sending and draft, together with the attachments and other files.

This application lets you browse various documents, pictures and multimedia files using a folder tree structure, as well as allowing the categories and the search directory for full Windows across the hard drive. Notes can be seen, read and played using the default system program.

EverDesk Standard Edition Download - In addition, you have the option to plan upcoming events through the calendar by entering the title of the subject, location, group (General, birthday), start and end times, together with a reminder if that is the case, the status and the note is optional. From the same panel, you can manage application shortcuts what should be added to the toolbar, and can be selected from the settings menu. The same applies to the links, contacts and document tab.

If you want to enter a new contact, you must enter your name, organization, position, homepage, birthday, a variety of complete address and phone number, email and profile pictures. Plus, you can create groups to help You organize them more easily.

Taking everything into account, EverDesk Standard Edition is a sophisticated yet approachable utilities that help you efficiently add and manage contacts, check and send email, as well as browse and view documents, pictures and videos, and plan future events.

EverDesk Standard Edition Download

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Software Version : EverDesk Standard Edition 5.1.10
Support Operating System : All Windows
Size File : 23.5 MB
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