Util-Linux Free Download

Util-Linux Free Download- util-linux (formerly util-linux-ng) is usually a openly distributed and open origin software project that delivers advanced GNU/Linux users with a sizable collections of command-range utilities for managing partitions and disk drives, system administration and information, managing logging events, plus much more. As stated, util-linux contains a sizable amount of utilities, among which we are able to refer to addpart, agetty, arch, blkid, blockdev, cal, cfdisk, chfn, chkdupexe, chrt, chsh,  elvtune, fallocate, fdformat, clock, col, colcrt, colrm, column, ctrlaltdel, cytune, delpart, dmesg, fdisk, findfs, findmnt, flock, fstab, fstrim, getopt, hwclock, fsck, fsck.cramfs, fsck.minix, fsfreeze,  and hexdump.

Util-Linux Free Download

Util-Linux Free Download

Furthermore, the ionice,  logger, login, appearance, losetup, lsblk, lscpu, mcookie, ipcmk, ipcrm, ipcs, isosize, destroy, ldattach, line, mesg, mkfs, mkfs.bfs, mkfs.cramfs, mkfs.minix, mkswap, namei, newgrp, nologin, partx, pg, pivot_root, considerably more, mount, mountpoint,  prlimit, natural, readprofile, rsetsid, setterm, sfdisk, su, swaplabel, swapoff, swapon, move_root, tailf, taskset, ename, renice, reset, rev, rtcwake, script, scriptreplay, setarch,  tunelp (deprecated), ul, umount, unshare, uuidd, uuidgen, vigr, vipw, whereis, wipefs and write happen to be included.

Util-Linux tools are no more included
Please be aware that the ddate, fastboot, fasthalt, halt, initctl, ramsize, rdev, reboot, rootflags, shutdown, vidmode and simpleinit equipment have been taken off util-linux since 2012. Please be aware that the 'arch' tool has been replaced with the 'uname' or 'arch' tools from the coreutils package,  the 'tunelp' tool is deprecated and the 'elvtune' is obsolete since Linux kernel 2.6.9, .

Supported os's and availability
Even though it offers so many command-collection utilities, the util-linux job is distributed as an individual sources archive of around 4 MB in proportions. This package can be an essential element of a GNU/Linux program and it is normally mounted by default on any distribution of Linux, supporting both 32-little and 64-little bit instruction set architectures.

Util-Linux Free Download Software

Software Version : Util-Linux 2.28

Support Operating System: All Linux Operating System
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